Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Great to Be an Amputee

Posted by Guest: Tanya Khvitsko on Sep 1, 2018 12:00:00 AM

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Let me take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Tanya Khvitsko, and I am a congenital double amputee from Belarus. My birth defects were caused by the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, which took place in 1986. After spending parts of my childhood in the US, I made Kansas City my home in 2008. Six years ago, I began running on a pair of my very first running blades! Since then, my journey has included multiple 5Ks, 10Ks, 7 half-marathons and 1 marathon. Running has given me confidence, which made me an athlete and allowed me to be a mentor for other amputees, as well as non-amputees.


Additionally, I am a PR Specialist for Knit-Rite, a company that manufactures medical textiles including prosthetic and diabetic socks. Our company’s mission is to improve the lives of those who use our products, and outcomes for those who prescribe and provide them, through our commitment to innovative and competitive American made textile solutions.

I started ‘Rite on Point Magazine with the mission to spread awareness, to educate others about amputees, and to help my amputee friends with questions they might have about this amputee journey. ‘Rite on Point is a fun and friendly collection of useful tips, informational tidbits and light-hearted entertainment.


Here’s a tidbit of what you will find in ‘Rite on Point – a blog titled My Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Great to be an Amputee.


My Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Great to be an Amputee

10. Your missing limb is a great conversation starter.

True, you may not always be part of the conversation because it usually happens behind your back, but hey, you can take one for the team.

9. Never again do you have to have a boring Halloween costume!


Well, if you do then that’s your choice. But really, there are so many possibilities! It’s a good opportunity to be creative and have fun.

8. Speaking of creativity, being an amputee helps fuel it.

Nothing is impossible. Sometimes you just have to find different ways to accomplish a task that seems a little daunting. Most amputees have had to find creative ways to put on shoes, boots, pants, etc. at least one time in their life.

7. Who else hates to shave?

I do and less of a leg means less time to spend shaving and more time being creative putting on your shoes. Yep, always trying to be more efficient.

6. Or my favorite one is… Your toes never get cold!


You know, because you don’t have toes!

5. And speaking of not having toes, you can’t stub them or have them stepped on.


I’ve never had toes so I guess I’ll never feel your pain – sorry guys!

4. Another advantage? You’ll never regret a bad tattoo or an uneven tan because you can always change it.

Well, at least for one part of your body. Foot-shells come in a variety of colors so you can plan ahead for a bronzed summer or not.

3. Not to mention the newest trends in unique and personalized custom prosthetic covers.

The possibilities are endless which brings you back to that creativity thing.

2. You realize the importance of knowing yourself, on an internal and external way.


There was a time that I had soup late at night and then couldn’t put my leg on the next day. Whoa! That’s how I learned foods that are high in sodium make you expand. Your limb health is totally a microcosm for your entire body’s overall health. It’s kind of neat to have that way to measure and take note of yourself!

And the number 1 reason why being an amputee is so great…

1. You learn to understand differences on a global scale.


Amputation is unique because it doesn’t discriminate on race, gender or age! No amputation level is ever exactly the same as anyone else’s, so you learn to find solidarity in people, even fellow amputees, in other ways.


I truly hope that you and your patients enjoy and benefit from reading ‘Rite on Point.

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