2019 SPS Student Scholarship Winners Announced

Posted by Liz Hillen on Apr 8, 2019 11:59:00 PM
Liz Hillen

The 2019 SPS Student Scholarship winners have been selected. Sixty-nine dedicated Master’s Degree students from accredited orthotics and prosthetic institutions all over the country applied for two scholarship awards. 

These programs included: Alabama State University, Baylor College, California State University, Concordia University, Georgia Technical University, Eastern Michigan University, Florida International University, Loma Linda University, Northwestern University, University of Hartford, University of Pittsburgh, University of Washington, and University of Texas Southwestern.

Each student was required to complete an application, submit a letter of recommendation, current school transcripts (minimum 3.0 GPA), and a two-page essay addressing:  a) “What do you envision as the future of patient care in orthotics & prosthetics?”, and b) “What impact do you want to make in the orthotics & prosthetics industry?”.

Even with so many applications to review, the SPS Scholarship Committee read through every application thoroughly and enthusiastically. Powerful themes from applicant essays included:  “conducting patient care through evidenced-based practice” with focus on “research and engineering”, “3-D Printing usage within clinical practice”, “inventing affordable devices for all”, and advancing "clinical collaboration with multi-disciplinary groups."

It is an exciting time for our industry. Each applicant exemplified what is transpiring within the O&P programs across the country, and the laser-like focus he/she has on transforming our ever-growing, specialty field.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 SPS Student Scholarship:

Northwestern University
Eastern Michigan University
Bria Gloria
"It is my desire to address the implicit challenges of the interdisciplinary nature of P&O patient care by inspiring a change in the way we think about P&O practice." "My long term goals include to validate a research study with a prosthetics manufacturing company in the U.S., in order to test generic, low-cost components for lower extremity prostheses."

These two bright leaders represent the dynamics of a transitioning orthotics and prosthetics field, with the increasing presence of diversity, advancements in science and technology, research, and evidenced-based protocols. The quotes mentioned above only scratch the surface of their career goals and visions of where our industry is heading.

Each of the winners will receive $2,500 in scholarship funds.

Congratulations to all of the candidates who applied. Your accomplishments in academia and contributions to your communities are certainly commendable and appreciated.

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