Why Distributor Partnership Pays

Posted by SPS on Sep 3, 2019 10:00:00 AM

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Working with a distributor has advantages that helps your clinic save time and reduce costs. Distributors handle a multitude of product sourcing from manufacturers so you can focus attention on improving patient outcomes. According to a Tugsten Network study, businesses have estimated spending 55 hours weekly bogged down with supplier handling processes. By shopping with a distributor, you’re free from having to process invoices, negotiate contracts, and host back-and-forth communications with an army of suppliers.

While distributors manage the majority of the supply chain, there are still proactive steps you can take to make sure processes are streamlined. This can range from ensuring you’re leveraging every tool in SPS’ tool box, to expanding communication among your team. To help improve processes and reduce costs, read our top three tips.

3 Tips to Streamline Distributor Services  

#1) Leverage Data: The first step to improving product sourcing is collecting data. SPS offers an account snapshot, a dashboard designed to assist with understanding your SPS account buying habits. The account snapshot includes savings, total purchases, open invoices, and more. By equipping your clinic with this kind of data, you can establish benchmarks and find opportunities to lower costs. To get started with an account snapshot, talk to your Sales Account Manager today.

#2) Identify time savers: Becoming synched with a distributor can get you out of the back office and in front of patients faster by streamlining ordering and shipping processes. The SPS Online Store includes many helpful features to assist with ordering and shipping, such as: 

Quick Order: add items directly to your cart by product SKU.

Shipping Notifications: equip yourself with shipping information to optimize patient scheduling.

Price Change Notifications: stay at the forefront of changes to the products you purchase by signing up for email alerts.

SupplierAdvantage: prevent shipping delays by shopping in stock products from high volume suppliers

#3) Expand Communications: Improving patient outcomes while being under pressure to cut costs poses a challenge for many clinicians, but looking to the ordering process can uncover opportunities. According to a CAPS Research Report, 83% of organizations identified “physician alignment with supply chain goals” as one of the most important supply chain issues. Having clinicians in the decision-making process can result in a positive effect on patient outcomes and reveal preferred lower cost items.

Furthermore, leveraging SPS Clinical Services can ensure your team is up-to-date with the latest products and industry advancements. Scheduling a remote or in-person presentation for a prosthetic or orthotic device allows your clinicians to earn CEUs and can even help you discover cost effective best practices.

To implement these tips, talk to your Sales Account Manager today.



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