ALPS Density Liner Overview

Posted by SPS on Aug 24, 2020 9:50:25 AM

TCM Density Liner overview

In this episode of The Clinical Minute, Sam Brouillette, CP, CFo, and SPS Manager of Clinical Education provides a quick overview of low to medium, and medium to high density liners from ALPS. 

Low to Medium Density Liners

The following includes an overview of low to medium ALPS liners:

General Purpose Liner (GP) comes in both cushion and locking. The General Purpose Liner is formulated with ALPS GripGel, which conforms to the user’s limb without restricting blood flow.

Easy Liner (EL) is offered in both cushion and locking and comes with a beige fabric cover. The Easy Liner features ALPS EasyGel, which contains antioxidants to prevent free radicals. The Easy Liner is a gentle liner option for patients with sensitive skin.

Easy Liner SuperStretch (ELPX) is the Easy Liner with no fabric covering. This liner’s EasyGel formula has superior stretch conformability for irregularly shaped limbs.

EZ Flex Liner (EZF) is similar to the General Purpose, except that it features a unique dual fabric combination. The beige fabric is featured on the front and brown fabric on the back allows for improved knee flexion. Furthermore, the liner is formulated with EasyGel for unlimited elasticity and comfort.

Proximal Seal Liner (PSI) allows the liner to seal proximal to the trim lines of a transtibial socket. This liner is made with ALPS EasyGel formula and features the black fabric to reduce vertical stretch.


Medium to High Density Liners 

Extreme Liner (AKHD) has a limited stretch for more control and stability for active individuals. It’s available in High Density (HD) or GripGel formula and locking or cushion to satisfy the needs of the patient. 

Superior Performance Liner (SUP) comes in black fabric for minimal vertical stretch. The liner features HD or GripGel to provide great stability for the residual limb

ECO Liner (ECFR) provides active amputees with a better degree of control. Available only in the HD Gel formula, the liner comes in locking or cushion. The distal construction of the knit fabric features reduced stretch to control distal distraction.

Guardian Liner (GLx) is only available in cushion and comes in black fabric for reduced vertical stretch. The liner features raised GripGel bands to prevent slippage or premature release.

Smart Seal Liner (SAFR) is available in cushion and locking and comes in the HD Gel formula. The locking version features a distal construction to control distal distraction. The liner’s knitted construction controls horizontal and vertical stretch in key areas.


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