Ottobock Vertical Shock Feet: More than a foot, a foundation.

Posted by SPS on Mar 18, 2021 2:19:28 PM

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Ottobock offers two great options in its expansive foot portfolio – Triton Vertical Shock and Taleo Vertical Shock.

Functional Options that Absorb Torsion


For lower limb prosthetic patients who need the benefit of enhanced shock absorption and torsion, Ottobock offers two great options in its expansive foot portfolio – Triton Vertical Shock and Taleo Vertical Shock. Both options are equipped with a functional ring unit that absorbs torsion (+/- 10˚), allowing them to keep the prosthetic foot planted for a more extended period while stepping forward with the sound limb. The benefit of torsion, combined with up to 15mm of shock absorption provided by the functional ring unit, gives the user outstanding socket comfort and protects the limb from shear forces.  


Keep Up with Your Active Lifestyle 

Triton Vertical Shock provides uncompromised response and control for your ambitious K3 and K4 patients who need a foot that will keep up with their high-impact activities. With dynamic rollover for vigorous walking, your patients will enjoy Triton Vertical Shock’s agility and adaption to a wide variety of terrain to support a wide variety of fun!


For your moderately active K3 patients who need a foot for everyday lifeTaleo Vertical Shock provides a smooth rollover for effortless walking on a variety of indoor and outdoor terrain. Dual springs and a long carbon base provide outstanding terrain conformance and energy-efficient return to allow users to go wherever life takes them!




Outstanding Benefits


In addition to the outstanding functional benefits provided by both Triton Vertical Shock and Taleo Vertical shock, both foot options are PDAC verified for L5986 + L5987. For more information about PDAC-verified foot and knee options by Ottobock, please reach out to you SPS account representative or our clinical team. Our expert team is ready to assist you with any questions you may still have related to Medicare’s recently updated lower limb prior authorization requirements.


Learn more about the Triton Vertical Shock and Taleo Vertical Shock

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