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Posted by SPS on Apr 13, 2021 12:28:16 PM

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Jamie Seabold joined SPS in 2010 as a sales manager covering the central region, and was promoted to northeast regional sales manager in 2017. Now as director of sales, he oversee the entire SPS sales staff while developing new strategies for growth. 

What do you love about your job?


No matter what part of the industry you are representing, we strive to do our best to create a positive patient outcome. We operate well as a team and work hard every day to ensure our customers' experience with SPS is a positive one. We always strive to improve our customer experience.


How did you join the O&P industry?


My story is unique; back in 2008, I was a sales rep with a pharmaceutical company and, unfortunately, was let go due to a large layoff. After spending a month or two applying for jobs, I decided to look through the classifieds in the sample Chicago Tribune left in my driveway. Trulife had an ad in the paper for a sales rep and I applied and interviewed with Traci Dralle, now President of Fillauer and AOPA.  I’m incredibly appreciative and grateful for the opportunity Trulife gave me.

Why do you believe continuing education is important in the O&P industry?  

Continuing to learn and educate ourselves is extremely important, especially as the industry and technology evolve. I applaud all of the great minds that continue improving patient mobility and outcomes.

Keeping the industry and our customers educated on all the latest products and technology is no easy feat. Our clinical staff, Sam Brouillette CP, CFo and Liz Hillen, M.Ed., CPO, LPO, have done  a great job finding new ways to teach virtually over the past year.

 How do you and your team stay updated on news, trends and education?

This happens naturally during conversations with our industry partners, and our team does a great job sharing what they learn with our customers.


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