The Clinical Minute: OCSI SoftPro, DynaPro, AirPro, and OrthoPro Overview

Posted by SPS on May 9, 2024 2:06:00 PM

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Senior Clinical Education Specialist Liz Hillen, M.Ed., CPO, LPO, is back for another episode of The Clinical Minute to cover four key product lines from Ongoing Care Solutions, Inc. (OCSI). 

OCSI has four lines of contracture management orthotic devices designed to enhance patient comfort across a spectrum of needs: 

  • The SoftPro line is crafted to protect, support, and maintain the patient’s preserved passive range of motion positioning.
  • The DynaPro line is engineered to administer low-load prolonged stretches for dynamic therapy.
  • The AirPro line features air bladders within the orthoses to deliver gentle, low-load prolonged stretch to the patient.
  • The OrthoPro line caters to specific orthopedic conditions for targeted support and alignment. 

The SoftPro, DynaPro, AirPro, and OrthoPro include features designed to enhance patient experience and therapeutic outcomes. Each component is meticulously constructed to meet the diverse needs of patients, from color-coded strapping for easy donning and doffing to flexible and adjustable components to improve range of motion and anti-rotation bars for optimal alignment.

To ensure patient safety and convenience, OCSI’s product lines also offer slip-resistant soling and side strapping to maintain positioning. All items include an Information for Use booklet, and many come with replacement pads and a laundry bag. 

For clinicians seeking to elevate patient care through advanced orthotic solutions, OCSI offers a variety of high-quality options. Explore OCSI’s product lines today: 

View SoftPro

View DynaPro

View AirPro

View OrthoPro


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