The Clinical Minute: ALPS Prosthetic Sleeves Overview

Posted by SPS on May 18, 2020 9:42:04 AM

Alps Sleeves Overview

In this episode, we will be covering ALPS' suspension and seal-in prosthetic sleeves. If you missed the previous video on ALPS Valve Integrated Pump (VIP), you can click here to watch. 



The following includes an overview of six ALPS Prosthetic Sleeves:

  1. Valve Integrated Vacuum Activated Sleeve (VIVA) has a valve that expels air out of the sleeve to provide suction suspension without the need for a socket valve. This valve is located proximal to the patella to create back pressure with knee flexion. The Valve Integration Sleeve is made with ALPS Grip Gel to prevent irritation by shear force and comes in either 3mm or 6mm thickness.
  2. EasySleeve Fabric Reinforced (SFS) uses ALPS’ Grip Gel formula combined with elastic fabric to reduce the sleeve from stretching horizontally and vertically while still providing comfortable knee flexion. This is a great option for patients with weak knee flexion or have a lot of resistance to flexion. EasySleeve Fabric Reinforced comes in a multiple sizes, and either 3mm or 6mm thickness. 
  3. EasySleeve SuperStretch (SLE) uses the ALPS Easy Gel formula to provide suction suspension and is not made with fabric. Like the name implies, this product is super stretchy, which allows the sleeve to achieve secure suspension without restricting circulation. The EasySleeve SuperStretch comes in 6mm thickness and contains antioxidants to protect sensitive skin. 
  4. Superior Performance Sleeve (SFP) and Superior Performance Suspension Sleeve (SFB) are made with ALPS’ High Performance black fabric and ALPS Gel to limit vertical stretch while still provide freedom of knee flexion. Both sleeves come in High Density (HD), or Grip-Gel formula. The Superior Performance Sleeve comes in 3mm and 6mm thickness, while the Superior Performance Suspension Sleeve is only available in 2mm thickness.
  5. Extreme Sleeve (SFK) uses ALPS’ Grip Gel and the base fabric to control vertical stretch and allows optimal knee flexion. The Grip Gel comfortably sticks to the patient’s skin without causing irritation by shear forces. This item comes in a variety of sizes and either 3mm or 6mm thickness. 
  6. Flex Sleeve (SFX) is the most popular sleeve sold through SPS. It’s made with the High Density (HD) Gel formula and knitted fabric. This item is unique in that it has panels that allow for better stretch around the patella and limits vertical stretch in other areas of the leg. The 30° pre-flexion makes it easy for the leg to bend and reduces bunching behind the knee. 

Interested in learning more about ALPS' sleeves? Click the buttons below. 

ALPS VIVA-1 ALPS EasySleeve Reinforced-1

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ALPS Superior Performance
ALPS Suspension Sleeve-2 ALPS Extreme Sleeve-1 ALPS Flex Sleeve-1  

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