The Clinical Minute: Trulife Matrix AFO Family Overview

Posted by SPS on Jun 16, 2023 1:02:47 PM

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Senior Clinical Education Specialist Liz Hillen, M.Ed., CPO, LPO, provides a quick overview of the Trulife Matrix AFO family. Matrix AFOs are manufactured from advanced composite materials and are designed to promote dynamic walking in patients with drop foot. Watch the video or read on to explore the Matrix AFO Family of products.

FH200 Matrix AFO


The Matrix AFO is comprised of a custom-fit anterior shell with a lateral strut, and a composite footplate. The Matrix is intended for low activity patients with simple, unilateral drop foot. The max weight is 250 lbs.

FH250 Matrix Max


The lateral strut on the Matrix Max is reinforced and anterior to the malleolus. The lightweight carbon composite frame provides enhanced stability for the patient. The Matrix Max is intended for low activity patients with simple unilateral drop foot. The max weight is 250 lbs.

FH260 Matrix Max 2 (Trimmable)


Differentiating from the Matrix and the Matrix Max AFO, the Matrix Max 2 has a trimmable footplate and is narrower in the medial arch. The lateral strut is reinforced for greater stability, durability, and energy return. The Matrix Max 2 is intended for high activity patients with unilateral or bilateral drop foot. This AFO is also suitable for partial foot amputees.

FH270 Matrix SuperMax


The Matrix SuperMax is designed to allow greater energy reflection at toe off. The enhanced integration of the footplate and strut provides added durability and support. The shank ankle was increased to 82 degrees to improve knee-extensor moment at mid-stance. The Matrix SuperMax is intended for low to high activity patients with unilateral or bilateral drop foot, peroneal nerve palsy, incomplete paralysis, CVA and CMT.

FH295 Matrix Medial


This AFO has a medial strut and can be ordered in the original footplate design or trimmable footplate design. The Matrix Medial also provides a narrower fit in the medial arch for easier shoe fit. It’s intended for low to high activity patients with unilateral or bilateral drop foot.

FH225 Matrix Max Raw


The Matrix Max Raw is a lightweight carbon composite that can be used for a custom anterior AFO or partial foot prosthesis. The Matrix Max Raw comes in one size and can be adjusted to match the patient’s sizing. This AFO is intended for drop foot, CMT, MS, ALS, off-loading PTB and any other creative ways that provide optimal outcomes for patients.

Replacement pads, screw kits, and urethane straps are all available for each AFO on the SPS Online Store.


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