The Clinical Minute: Trulife Seattle Skride Foot Overview

Posted by SPS on Apr 9, 2024 2:12:23 PM

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Welcome to The Clinical Minute! In this episode, Manager of Clinical Education Sam Brouillette, CP, CFo, shares a quick overview of the innovative Seattle Skride foot from Trulife.

Let's explore what makes this foot stand out:

1. Full Length Composite Shank/Keel: the Seattle Skride foot’s full keel and heel assembly enables a smooth rollover for the patient. This design ensures natural and fluid movement, enhancing the user's mobility and comfort.

2. Adjustable Heel Response Systems: The polyurethane bumpers of the Seattle Skride foot can be adjusted by the clinician, allowing for optimal performance and support.

3. Versatile Design: the Seattle Skride foot offers the flexibility to wear sandals, so users have greater freedom in their footwear options. 

4. Vertical Shock Absorption: the shock unit provides 15 millimeters of vertical travel and 14 degrees of internal or external rotation, totaling 28 degrees of axial torque absorption. 

5. Adjustable Telescoping Component: The telescoping vertical shock component of the Seattle Skride foot is easily adjustable by clinicians using a four-millimeter Allen key, ensuring precise tuning for optimal performance and comfort.

6. Stringent Testing and Compliance: Trulife has invested extensive research and development into the Seattle Skride foot, ensuring that it meets all ISO standards for cycling and failure rating. 

7. Wide Range of Compatibility: The Seattle Skride foot has a clearance of seven inches, and is suitable for medium to high activity levels. The maximum patient weight is 330 pounds, and sizing ranges from 22 to 30 cm, making it a versatile option for a diverse range of users.

Skride Sizing

8. PDAC Verification: The Seattle Skride foot is PDAC verified for L5987 and L5984.

The Trulife Seattle Skride foot's dynamic design and versatile design make it a valuable asset for clinicians striving to enhance comfort and compliance for their patients.

The Seattle Skride is available on the SPS Online Store: 

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