The Clinical Minute: What is the Lymphedema Treatment Act?

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Unlocking Enhanced Mobility: The Taleo Adjust and Quickchange Adapter

New Medicare coverage for lymphedema compression garments

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Patients Love the Knit-Rite Torso Interface for Protection and Comfort with Spinal Orthoses

The Clinical Minute: Trulife Matrix AFO Family Overview

Knit-Rite’s Soft-Sock Lifts Runner to New Levels

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SPS Announces Recipients of O&P Student Scholarships

Affordable, Sustainable, and Customizable? Introducing the Zeus Bionic Hand

Knit-Rite Liner Liner Sock Provides Patient with Lifelong Comfort

Managing a Family-owned O&P Clinic with Frank & Melissa Snell, Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics

The Clinical Minute: Calibration Update for the Freedom Quattro Knee by Proteor USA

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Tips for O&P Shipping during the 2022 Peak Holiday Season

The Clinical Minute: Thuasne USA SLEEQ TLSO Series Overview & Features

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Bariatric Prosthesis Options Available for Patients 350 lbs and Above

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SPS Check-in: Supply Chain Optimization Update with Kate Means

The Clinical Minute: Knit-Rite Liner-Liner Prosthetic Sock Overview with Jak Kesselring, CO, MSPO

SPS Trends Survey 2022: Prior Authorization & PDAC Changes in O&P

The Clinical Minute: ST&G C-Form Tube Synthetic Scanning Sleeve

Part 4: Follow-up on Bullmastiff With Custom Knee Orthosis

The Clinical Minute: College Park Voyager K3 - K4 Foot with John Cook, CPO

The Clinical Minute: Clinical Outcomes of Elevate Dynamics' HelixBand

The Clinical Minute: Thuasne USA Rebel Series Overview with Jak Kesselring, CO, MSPO

Part 3: Final Delivery of Custom Knee Orthosis for Bullmastiff With Ligament Injury

SPS Trends Survey 2022: Snapshot of Inventory Management in O&P

The Clinical Minute: Knit-Rite Soft-Sock Multi-Pack with Jak Kesselring, CO, MSPO

Part 2: St. Petersburg O&P Technician Students Help Fabricate Custom Knee Orthosis for Bullmastiff with Ligament Injury

The Clinical Minute: Thuasne USA SpryStep Series Overview with Jak Kesselring, CO, MSPO

Part 1: Bullmastiff with Knee Ligament Injury Receives Initial Evaluation (and treats) for Custom Knee Orthosis

SPS Check-in: Supply Chain Optimization

SAFE-AMP 1: Microprocessor Knee Technology Reduces Odds of Incurring an Injurious Fall for Individuals with Diabetic/Dysvascular Amputation

7 Tips Every SPS Online Store Shopper Should Know

Microprocessor Knees: The What, Why, and How

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Manage Residual Limb Volume Changes Using ALPS Prosthetic Socks

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Roxy & Maliboo Encourages Children To Gain Confidence Despite Differences

Blending Teams: Benefits of Improving Communication Across Departments

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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Shoes for Diabetics

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From Paré to Prosthesis: Exploring Modern Innovation in O&P

5 Reasons to Join an O&P Professional Association

Even More Flexible | Fillauer's AllPro DS

SPS Check-in: Interview with VP of Operations Coleson Chase

Meet Our 2021 SPS Scholarship Recipients!

Making Education a Priority in O&P

Faces of SPS: Meet Liz Hillen

Faces of SPS: Meet Jamie Seabold

Ottobock Vertical Shock Feet: More than a foot, a foundation.

The Clinical Minute: Elevate Dynamics AFO1 FreeFlow

Faces of SPS: Meet Sam Brouillette

Moving Forward with the Basics & PDAC Overview

Faces of SPS: Meet Christina Cox

Managing Accounts, Active Kids, and the West Virginia Mountains

SPS Check-in: Jamie Seabold Interviews FabCo’s Nick Gambill and Amputee Associates’ Zach Weber

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HIPAA and Marketing: How to Protect Patient Data While Marketing Your Clinic

OASIS 1: Retrospective Analysis of Four Different Microprocessor Knee Types

WillowWood Koa LP Foot Overview

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IMPACT 2:  The Role of Earlier Receipt of a Lower Limb Prosthesis on Emergency Department Utilization

How to Order for Your Clinic in Peak Holiday Shipping Season

Competitive powerlifting? In Dallas, Texas? No sweat.

Prioritizing Diversity & Inclusion in Healthcare: What it Means, Why it's Important, and How to Get Started

2020 AOPA National Assembly: Virtual Interviews with Supplier Partners

ALPS Density Liner Overview

How to Leverage Email Marketing to Reach Patients

How to Attract Patients to Your Website

Things Amputees and People With Limb Differences Want You to Know, by Tanya Khvitsko-Trimborn

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing for O&P Clinics

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ALPS Gel Formulas and Fabrics Overview

How to Order Efficiently | Tips from Michael Shanks, Snell Prosthetics and Orthotics

SPS Check-in: Interview with Fillauer President, Traci Dralle

The IMPACT Study:  Impact of Time to Receipt of Prosthesis on Total Healthcare Costs 12 Months Post-amputation

SPS Check-in: Interview with Snell P&O President, Frank Snell

The Clinical Minute: ALPS Prosthetic Sleeves Overview

The Clinical Minute: ALPS Valve Integrated Pump (VIP) Overview

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The Top 5 Fictional Limb Loss Icons from Film and Television

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Small Business Highlights from the $2T Stimulus Package

Q&A with Clinical Consultant Liz Hillen

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The Women of O&P

Customer Corner: Sunrise P&O

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The Clinical Minute: Townsend Thuasne Action Reliever

3 Goals Your O&P Clinic Should Commit to in 2020

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Part 2: Challenges to Adopting 3D Printing in the O&P Industry

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2018 SPS Student Scholarship Recipients Announced

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